The Only Machine Learning Based ABA And Data-Collection Software for Predictive and Personalised Intervention of Children With Autism

How will CogniAble help?

Based on the responses and results of each child’s digital questionnaire and video assessments, get personalized target recommendations that are automatically generated by CogniAble’s system to overcome children’s skill deficits, saving time & costs for all providers.

Personalised Intervention through CogniAble’s Machine Learning Models:

Automatic Functional Assessment of Children by AI Models

Currently under advanced development, CogniAble’s Computer-Vision based video assessment analysed by our AI Models shows promising results and is gathering massive support. Check out our Research Paper published at the renowned AAAI20 conference in New York!

Extensive Platform Features

Offering end-to-end solutions from assessments, therapy protocols, data-recording and report generation to vast practice management functionalities – all on one platform at unprecedented prices.

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