End-to-end digital solutions for providers working with special children.

Innovative. Accessible. Data-driven

Digital Assessments

Perform assessments through VB-MAPP, PEAK etc. digitized on the platform. Get automatic recommendations of goals and targets for each child based on the assessment results to overcome skill deficits. Record scores of any other assessment used in your Organization. Use automatically generated assessment reports to gain insights and save time like never before.

Access curriculum devised by leading BCBAs & clinicians
  • Curriculum on ABA, OT, Special Education
  • In-built curriculum for 800 skills
  • Digitize your own curriculum on the platform with three clicks

Unprecedented Insights from Reports

CogniAble automatically generates 21 (and counting) reports and graphs based on data recorded by our users on the platform, for unique insights on each child’s progress. With your Organization’s logo placed on them, download these reports in compatible file formats and share them with anyone you wish.

Some reports on CogniAble

  • Data Recording – Session Reports, Daily Response Rate Reports, Target Response Reports etc.
  • Staff - Appointment Reports, Attendance reports, Timesheet reports, Work Log Reports
  • Assessments – VB-MAPP reports, PEAK reports
  • Reports for Daily Vitals, IEPs, Goals & much more

One-stop Solution for Serving Neurodiverse Children

  • Target Type (DTT, NET, PEAK, Task Analysis, Behaviour Reduction, Behaviour Duration)
  • Session at Target, Steps, Stimulus with timers
  • Mastery Criteria
  • Behaviour Recording (Duration, Frequency, Partial, Whole, Momentary time sample)
  • Goal (Short-term & Long-term) and Target recording
  • Daily Vitals - Food, Medical, Toilet etc.
  • Three-step Learning Management System (LMS) that you can build for your staff
  • In-built library of video tutorials on ABA, functionality for Organizations to attach their own videos

Manage Your Practice & Staff Efficiently

  • Learner and Staff Database and accounts 
  • Schedule & track appointments
  • Set staff shift timings
  • Record, assign, track leads and prospective clients
  • Assign tasks to staff members and parents
  • Staff Attendance & Timesheet functionality
  • Generate invoices with your own Organization logo
  • Upload files and attachments
  • Chat functionality with staff & clients
  • Record Prescriptions
  • Reports to see status of appointments and more!

Billing and Authorizations

Benefit from functionalities of Payor integration,Billing, Invoice generation, Claims, Authorizations, Authorization codes and much more.

Personalized Intervention for each child

Exclusive access to personalized intervention recommendations at your fingertips for each learner, through our innovative AI models developed over years with leading Institutions

CogniAble constantly keeps upgrading with new & improved features. Connect with us to learn more about CogniAble’s latest features & functionalities