Inclusive & guided early intervention program

Improve the quality and capacity of your Special Education Department with defined processes and data-based decisions

Expand Your Practice in diverse Spheres

CogniAble works closely with school staff

Early Intervention Services

Staff Skills Enhancement

Child Specific Individualized Plan

Care Guidance

Involvement Of Parents

Connect with us to learn how CogniAble enhances student skills

Digital Platform to manage Autism & Special Education

Easy to implement and validated through multiple clinical trials, avail benefits of the most cost-effective and affordable digital solutions that you’ll ever come across.

  • IEPs generated through evidence-based approaches like ABA & more

  • 21 domains & development areas

  • Classroom skills, Academic skills, Social skills, Language and Speech skills….and much more!

  • Personalized Intervention for each Child

    Exclusive access to personalized intervention recommendations at your fingertips for each student, through our innovative AI models developed over years with leading Institutions

    Extensive Platform Features

    Offering end-to-end solutions from assessments, therapy protocols, data-recording and report generation to vast practice management functionalities – all on one platform at unprecedented prices. Activate staff member accounts and parent accounts through the Admin Account, free of charge.