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Why CogniAble?

  • Early Detection & Intervention

    Skill assessments and subsequent intervention at the right age for children, through innovative technology

  • Information Symmetry

    Unprecedented flow of information about the child’s condition & progress between all caregivers through 3 different types of user accounts for parents, individual clinicians & organizations respectively

  • Data-Driven

    A fully data-driven approach brings speed, customization & structure to ASD Management

  • Personalized Solutions

    Personalised intervention recommendations for each child through CogniAble’s Machine Learning models

  • Claims & Authorizations

    Payor integration with billing, claims and authorizations

  • International Approaches

    Access to internationally used assessments and acclaimed evidence-based clinical approaches through our in-built curriculum of ABA, OT etc.

  • Automatic Reports

    With scope for 17 reports to be automatically generated, tracking each child’s progress has never been easier

  • Long List of Features

    Uniquely comprehensive with functionalities for target allocation, recording sessions & behaviour, goals, daily vitals and so much more

  • One of a Kind Artificial Intelligence Integrated Solution

    CogniAble aims at enabling mass screening and personalized intervention for children like never before, through its unique Artificial Intelligence models. Interim results of our clinical trials have shown tremendously positive results.

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