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Our ABA, OT and other services are run by professional clinical and psychological experts through center-based, home-based and online mediums. Our curriculum has been validated for the Indian population through successful clinical trials.

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Inclusive education & early intervention services to nurture and achieve the best potential of each child

Can I get trained in evidence-based interventions to use with my child at home?

ABA is the most evidence based intervention for children with developmental delays. In addition to availing our parent training programs, come join CogniAble’s weekly ABA trainings for parents & professionals!


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Our trained and experienced team of clinical experts & therapists provide a wide range of therapies and programs, tailored with care for each child that we work with.

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With established centers in Delhi-NCR, we are also partnering up with more professionals to bring our services to new locations across India. Contact us or visit our centers in Gurgaon, Faridabad and more!

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  • Multidisciplinary Approach
  • Caring and Professional Services
  • High-quality infrastructure
  • Award-winning digital platform
  • Registered and qualified professionals
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Enabling early detection & intervention
  • Empowering parents
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Are you able to track the daily progress of your child?

Our award-winning app automatically generates 17+ types of reports to track each enrolled child’s progress daily, weekly and monthly. Check your child’s progress on CogniAble in real time whenever you wish!

Are you based in a location where affordable ABA services are not available?

The CogniAble app offers remote ABA services to anyone with an internet connection – From assessments, in-built ABA curriculum, tutorials to personalized treatment plan recommendations and consultations with our clinical team.

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Who do we work with?

  • Parents
  • Doctors & Therapists
  • Schools
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Child Development Centers
  • Social and Professional Organisations

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Hear from Enrolled Parents!

Center-based Intervention

groupWhen we came with Kian to your Occupational Therapist, he had a lot of sensory issues, no speech, not understanding language, no pointing for needs, lots of running without any reason and very poor name call response. We are thoroughly satisfied by the way our child is progressing here. He points for his needs and started following commands. He responds to his name and doesn’t run around anymore. We are really thankful for your amazing efforts and hard work on our son. Thanks a lot.

Hemant & Monika

Center-based Intervention

groupWe have been continuing my son’s therapy here from the past 10 months now, and observed significant changes in him. This center has appropriate infrastructure and stuff to treat children with special needs. This is the best center available in NCR. All the children are getting proper intervention, which helps them to recover soon. The team also provides guidance to parents, so that they can become aware of the current situation with their kids & can take care of their kids better at home.

Subhamoy Dutta

Online Services

groupI'm the mother of a 3-year-old son. We were really worrying about our son's development during this pandemic. Luckily, I found CogniAble through social media. They were good in response and immediately started the online training and coaching within a week. There's a lot of improvement in my son during this pandemic without going for any courses outside. CogniAble's therapists are too good in providing strategies and tips and helping us a lot. I'm thanking the people at CogniAble for doing a great job during the pandemic.


Online Services

groupHello, I am currently in Tokyo. I was searching for some online therapy for my son, when I came to know about CogniAble while I was searching the Internet. Then we started therapy for my son when he was 6 years old. He was having less vocabulary, not asking any questions and less interactions with other kids and other people. From then we started the therapy with their therapist. She assessed my son and set goals (like eye contact and sitting for a task, asking “what”, “where” questions). She guided me through the therapy and then started working and my son started learning new things. Many challenges also came (like chewing things, not sitting for a task, not paying attention), but she gave me small tips and protocols to follow and it worked. I was able to handle all these things smoothly. I also learned how to work calmly with my son. And in addition to the behavioural issues, she also helped me to achieve certain academic goals like writing properly, reading fluency, picture description, addition and subtraction, increasing vocabulary and telling short stories/ incidents. Now my son is paying more attention, vocabulary is increasing and he is also asking questions and narrating incidents. In the end, I want to thank our therapist for always helping me when I felt stuck somewhere. And giving me short tips which always worked with my son. And if any problem/struggle comes, she is always available to help.


Is your child at risk for developmental disorders like Autism?

Use CogniAble’s award-winning & clinically validated app to fill a 10-minute screening questionnaire (For children between 1.5–5 years old). Get instant assessment results for your child!


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