How Pediatric Occupational Therapy helps Empowering Children and Building Bridges to their Brighter Future

How Pediatric Occupational Therapy helps Empowering Children and Building Bridges to their Brighter Future

  • Mahesh Chaturvedi
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  • June 23, 2023


Autism is one of the complicated neuro-developmental disorder that requires a multi-faceted approach to intervention. Children with autism commonly face specific obstacles that influence their general development and daily lives. The best occupational therapy approaches must be used in conjunction with behavioral therapy in order to effectively treat the key symptoms of autism. A number of benefits of paediatric occupational therapy are valuable for autistic children to build bridges for their better future.

CogniAble is a leading provider of autism intervention services. Through their innovative and evidence-based practices, CogniAble:

  1. Empowers children with autism to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.
  2. Understands the unique challenges faced by children with autism and the importance of a multi-faceted approach to intervention.

Therefore, CogniAble team applies Paediatric occupational therapy that combines with Behavioral therapy and occupational therapy to offer comprehensive support to the children by identifying a range of areas which require development. While occupational therapy adopts a holistic approach to improve a child’s functional capacity and independence, behavioral therapy places a stronger emphasis on treating behaviors, communication, and interactions with others. The best occupational therapy for autism is provided by CogniAble with a goal to encourage children’s maximum development and mobility.

The goal of behavioral therapists in CogniAble involves:

  1. Assessing target behaviours,
  2. Examining their functions, and
  3. Creating behaviour control plans specific to each child

With a customised approach, therapies are sure to target particular issues and encourage the best possible development strategy for intervention. This way, Paediatric occupational therapy aims to:

  1. Employ an integrated approach,
  2. Tailoring interventions aligned with the unique needs of each child living with autism, and
  3. Empowering them to thrive in life.

Occupational therapists at CogniAble manage a range of disorders which children deal with on a daily basis using a holistic approach, such as problems with:

  1. Sensory processing,
  2. Motor skill deficiency disorders and
  3. Self-help ability deficiencies

Many autistic children struggle with sensory processing, which can result in sensory sensitivity or seeking behaviours. Occupational therapists at CogniAble, with a focus on paediatrics are qualified to identify and treat these difficulties. Through the use of sensory integration techniques, CogniAble therapists:

  1. Establish a safe atmosphere where children can have fun with and maintain their responses to sensory inputs
  2. Encourage children to better participate in everyday tasks,
  3. Develop self-regulation, and minimize sensory problems and behaviorsOccupational Therapy

Paediatric occupational therapists in CogniAble use strategies that have been proven to be successful for children with autism while staying informed about the most recent research. Another crucial component of occupational therapy for autistic children is the development of motor skills. The best occupational therapy methods used by CogniAble emphasize on enhancing both fine and gross motor abilities in children with autism. While gross motor skills cover larger actions like running or jumping and balance, fine motor skills cover simpler movements such as buttoning, writing with hands, and carrying small items.

To improve motor skills, coordination, and strength, paediatric occupational therapists at CogniAble employ:

  1. Targeted exercises,
  2. Play-based therapies,
  3. Developmental activities.


These developments enable kids to engage more fully in self-care, promoting their independence and self-assurance. Apart from this, CogniAble recognizes the importance of collaboration and coordination among various professionals involved in a child’s development. The team works along with other experts, such as educators, behavioral therapists, and speech therapists, to make sure the child’s development is coordinated and integrated. This cooperation fosters intervention consistency across many contexts and improves the child’s development and general wellbeing.

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